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Magesh Ravi

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A self-taught UI/UX designer, full-stack web developer and passionate business owner. Lives in Sheffield, United Kingdom.


The expenses dashboard

Recently, I decided to be more aware of my finances. I want to set aside a fraction of my income, every month. Having bills spread out through the month made it a bit difficult. Some expenses are one-time, some are recurring - monthly or yearly.

I also have multiple sources of funds. A bank account to pay personal bills, a credit card to pay some of the business expenditures and a prepaid debit card for a few other payments.

I want to see all this information in one place answering an important question, "How much unpaid bills do I have this month?".
An expenses dashboard displaying,

  1. the bills (date, amount and recurrence)
  2. the source of funds (bank account, credit card or prepaid card)
  3. the payee details (who am I paying)

I assume the bills to be paid automatically. I do not want to check a box every time a bill is due.

So, this is the dashboard - still in progress.


Watch out for updates.

Github repo:

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