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Stop living for the weekends

We all have heard it before - "You shouldn't be living for the weekends".

If you wanted to start with a new hobby, write a new book, start saving for that dream holiday or start a new side hustle but haven't had the motivation to start taking the first steps, this little hack could help you.

When you live looking forward to weekends, then you don't see everyday as an opportunity to do something wonderful. 365 days get reduced to 52 episodes, 30 days get reduced to 4 or 5 episodes of temporary relief.


A yearly calendar - 365 days of opportunity.


A weekly calendar - 52 episodes of temporary relief.

Setting the weekly calendar as the starting page of my web browser has helped me evaluate my choices in life. Knowing that this year will pass quickly, gives me a sense of urgency and helps me focus on what I really want to do every single day.

You can find this simple html/javascript tool here.

You can also clone from the terminal,

git clone

cd weekend-countdown/

# open in browser (firefox in this example)
firefox static/index.html

You can customize the count-down tabs by editing the tabsData array within the <script> tag.

var curDate = new Date();
var startDate = curDate.getFullYear() + '-01-01'
var endDate = curDate.getFullYear() + '-12-31'

// add or modify elements in this array
var tabsData = [
        name: 'This year',
        startDate: startDate,
        endDate: endDate
        name: 'Project',
        startDate: '2016-10-14',
        endDate: '2019-10-14'
        name: 'Lifetime',
        startDate: '1987-11-14',
        endDate: '2047-11-14'

var $ul = $('.tab-list')
var tabs = new Tabs($ul, tabsData)

Set it as your browser's home page so that every time you start a browsing session, you'll be reminded of what really matters.

Happy hustling.

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